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Don’t fear the check light engine. We can save you hundreds on covered repairs. 

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Why Honistly?

We save you hundreds on a policy without compromising service. You can buy or claim in less than a minute online. And we want to hear from you, so we are a click away via contact us.

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What Details Do We Need

Most  details  you  will  know. But  when  you  are  ready  to  purchase,  we  are  going  to  ask  you  your  mileage,  your  VIN  and  your  credit  card. 

Can I cancel?

We  get  it,  sometimes  you  change  your  mind.  You  have  30  days  to  cancel  with  no  penalty.  Here is the link for more information.

How Do I Claim?

In  less  than  minute,  you  can  claim  online.  Honestly! Click here for more information.

Cars Covered

US,  Japanese  and  some  European  cars  with  fewer  than  150,000  miles  and  less  than  12  years  old.

You  will  get  a  couple  quotes  and  coverage  options,  including payment  plans  so  you  can  choose  what  is  right  for  you.

Licensed States

We  are  licensed  everywhere  in  the  US  but  Alaska  and  California.